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Speaking Course

Are you having trouble finding a job? Difficulties in communicating with strangers? We Are Here To Solve All Your Problems


Why not start studying English with the Callan Method? The Callan Method is a fast, fun and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students' listening and speaking skills. It uses 'direct method' language teaching, which means that the lesson is taught only in English, and not in the student's language. This method is STATISTICALLY 4 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than other general English learning methods! You will noticeably improve your speaking and listening skills, your pronunciation will be corrected and you can learn to speak English accurately. Experienced native teachers help people from all sectors to speak English confidently in a short time. Enhance your chances of your potential to finding a good job or getting a promotion at work. Join our Callan method classes or take one-to-one classes.